"war on terror"


“Every pillar of the Taliban regime will be destroyed.” So said a message to the Taliban leader Mullah Omar from the United States in October of 2001. This message, along with a veritable treasure trove of previously classified documents from late 2001, have just been released and posted by the National Security Archive.  They involve a great deal of information on the initial US strategic response in Afghanistan and the early planning and development of the War on Terror. 

Start looking through the documents here. GWU has taken the time to give some highlights from these documents, including a detailed timeline of Cheney’s post-9/11 whereabouts, and an NSC strategic plan outlining the desire to take down al Qaeda and the Taliban without commiting to “any post-Taliban military involvement.” (Because all that nation-building could get tricky and entangling, no?)

This is for all you FOIA Friday and document lovers. Check it out.