Senate panel votes to release CIA interrogation report →

Senate report says CIA misled on interrogation program →

“The CIA described [its program] repeatedly both to the Department of Justice and eventually to Congress as getting unique, otherwise unobtainable intelligence that helped disrupt terrorist plots and save thousands of lives,” said one U.S. official briefed on the report. “Was that actually true? The answer is no.”

When Congress is deciding how to spend more than half a trillion dollars of the taxpayers money, it needs to do so in public. It is deeply troubling that the Pentagon’s budget (the National Defense Authorization Act or NDAA) that last year authorized more than $625 billion in spending—is drafted and voted on by the Senate Armed Services Committee almost entirely in secret.

The bill—usually more than 1,000 pages long—is often then voted on with little or no chance for public debate and amendments by the full Senate.

The public has a right to know how Congress is conducting the people’s business, particularly when so many taxpayer dollars and important wide-ranging policies are at stake.

It’s time to bring the Senate NDAA into the light of day.

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Via Bloomberg: “Washington’s well-oiled revolving door is spinning at breakneck speed—23 lawmakers who were in Congress last year have begun new careers in the influence industry.”

Tell Your Senator You Oppose Increasing Secrecy for Corporate Farms

This is happening right now. We need you to write your Senators, and tell them to oppose Sen. Grassley’s amendments to the farm bill that would put corporate farming interests before the public interest.

(Source: pogo.org)

Call Your Senator and Tell Them Not to Weaken Nuclear Oversight →

Making a call takes just a little bit more time than signing a petition, but it has a much bigger impact. Click here to fight for strong oversight of nuclear security.

HUGE VICTORY: Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act passed and sent to President →

Last night, the Senate unanimously passed the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (WPEA) and sent it to the President for his signature. The Project On Government Oversight has been working on this for years, and we thank everyone who helped us with this fight. The WPEA will help protect workers who risk their careers to report fraud, waste, and abuse in the federal government. That means fewer of the good guys will get punished for speaking up, and taxpayers will save as more people are empowered to step up and fix what is wrong with government. Read more about the WPEA at POGO.org.