Marines, police prep for mock zombie invasion →

Yes, this does seem a little ridiculous on its face, but even though zombie attacks aren’t going to happen, being prepared for unpredictable disasters is a worthwhile goal. If it takes calling this a zombie attack for the government and citizens to pay attention and get prepared, then it’s worth it. 

Woes Continue for Afghan National Police Training Program

A top government contractor’s failure to meet contractual agreements with the U.S. government put the entire mission of the Afghan National Police (ANP) training program at risk, according to a new joint audit by the Inspectors General (IGs) for the Department of State and Department of Defense (DoD).

How bad is the situation? The contractor, DynCorp, had 120 days to get 738 personnel working. At the end of the 120 days, 428 of them still weren’t there.

Read the whole story on the POGO blog.

Image via Flickr user DVIDSHUB.