Report: Retaliation by Supervisors Common at VA →

POGO Ignores Deadline to Report VA Whistleblowers →

Fight between two watchdogs in VA drama could affect federal whistleblowers →

Coburn goes after VA inspector general over subpoena →

POGO Wins Journalism Prizes →

Not exactly our kind of pogo, but still very impressive. If you are looking for the government accountability kind of pogo, check out pogo.org

Help Us Hold the VA Accountable

Announcing the launch of www.VAOversight.org, where potential whistleblowers who work at the Department of Veterans Affairs can submit anonymous tips to the Project On Government Oversight. POGO is joining with the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America in an effort to bring accountability to the VA. Learn more at http://www.VAOversight.org

This morning, we announced the launch of www.VAOversight.org, where VA whistleblowers can submit anonymous tips. We’re not just looking for more problems, we’re hoping to explore solutions. Veterans deserve answers and accountability!

Break-in at offices of government watchdog group →

Two weeks ago, there was a break-in at our DC office. TVs, computers and multimedia gear were all left untouched, though there was an attempt to open a locked file cabinet containing mundane financial information. The police believe the break-in was related to our work.