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The Men Who Really Run the Pentagon →

If you think the Secretary of Defense runs the Pentagon budget, think again.

Journalism Fail: All the Sources in Stealth Jet Story Are PAID to Praise the Plane →

Maybe that’s why the report on the F-35 was so favorable to the plane?

Don't Force the Navy to Buy Jets It Doesn't Want →

Join POGO and sign our petition to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.

Pentagon Slush Fund Must Be Drawn Down →

How can you tell the war budget is a slush fund? When 2 wars end but the budget goes up.

The Jet That Ate the Pentagon

The U.S. is going to spend $1.5 trillion on the F-35, and it still isn’t meeting its goals. Watch the video and find out how this happened. Learn more.

The Pentagon’s PR War Against SIGAR →

The Pentagon is fighting the government’s own internal watchdog instead of fighting the waste being found in Afghanistan.