U.S. Joins International Effort to Bring Transparency to Drilling, Mining Industries →



Add Canada to the list of countries that require disclosure of resource extraction payments

… the Canadian government announced its intention to introduce new legislation requiring the disclosure of payments made by Canadian extractive resource companies to domestic and foreign governments. While the United States and European Union have both already taken steps towards implementing mandatory payment reporting requirements for their mining, oil, and gas companies, Canada has now also joined the global movement towards transparency in this regard.

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POGO is working on a similar initiative in the U.S.

Halliburton Pleaded Guilty to Destroying Evidence and Only Had to Pay $200,000 →

Another day of EITI meetings at the Dept. of the Interior to ensure oil, gas and mining companies are paying the right amount of royalties to the government.

Laying Down the Transparency

POGO Executive Director Danielle Brian at the U.S. Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) meeting today. It’s a mouthful of a name, but it means that oil, gas, and mining companies will soon have to be more transparent about the natural resources they are taking from public lands. That means taxpayers will know they are getting the right amount of royalties for the billions of dollars these corporations are making off of public resources.

Learn more about EITI.