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Peace Activists Deserve Leniency; Their Actions Exposed Dangerous Security Flaws →

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Books That Matter

See what books the Project On Government Oversight is reading to learn more about nuclear weapon mishaps, government surveillance, militarized cops, wounded soldiers, Wall Street crashes and more in our 2014 Winter Reading List.

The Air Force Keeps Leaving the Door Open to the Nuclear Missile Room →

Estimate for uranium facility goes from $600 million to $11.6 billion →

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Congress Should Stop Funding Unneeded Nuclear Programs

Cutting funding to the B61 nuclear bombs in Europe and the Mixed Oxide Fuel facility in South Carolina are smart budget and strategic decisions. We need to make sure Congress and the public knows the facts about these wasteful programs.

Guards Wave in Lost Motorist To Super Secure Nuke Facility →

“With scarce funds in hand, the DOE decided to fund a related project, a multibillion-dollar Uranium Processing Facility in Tennessee. But oops! Officials recently had to acknowledge they have to redesign the building because it wouldn’t be big enough to hold the equipment that was supposed to go inside it.”

From a great editorial in the Albuquerque Journal detailing a long list of waste and inefficiencies in the management of U.S. nuclear weapons complexes. Make sure to go read the full editorial to get an idea of just how many problems there are.