Does the US Navy have 10 or 19 Aircraft Carriers? →

Turns out it’s kind of difficult to define what exactly an aircraft carrier is.

Tell the President to Stand By the Victims of Camp Lejeune →

For more than two decades, I have been fighting to expose the truth about the water contamination at U.S. Marine Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. While I was stationed there, I lost my daughter Janey to Leukemia. It turns out that the water we had been drinking and bathing in was contaminated with dangerous, cancer-causing chemicals. Incredibly, the military leadership knew about the contamination but did nothing to rectify the problem for five years—they had to be forced to do so.

President Obama has promised that the federal government would take steps to make a real difference for those still suffering from the devastating contamination at Camp Lejeune.

But President Obama’s Department of Justice is undermining his promise. Remarkably, DOJ recently sent a brief to the Supreme Court urging an interpretation of a federal pollution law that supports a known polluter—and would let the government off the hook for Camp Lejeune.

The government’s preposterous stand suggests my fellow Marines and their families should have sought justice before they even knew they had been poisoned!

Please Sign POGO’s Letter Asking President Obama to Keep His Promise to Camp Lejeune Victims

Military Gives Congress a $36 Billion Wish List →

What would you do with $36 billion?

Retiring the Air Force's star player is a mistake, A-10 supporters say →

If you thought the days of the $7,000 coffee machine and $640 toilet seat were over, Rep. Jackie Speier has some more examples of egregious waste at the Department of Defense.


The Pentagon’s Phony Budget War
The DoD cuts that didn’t actually happen. 

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3 Myths About the Defense Budget


By Ben Freeman


The Pentagon’s fiscal year 2015 budget request has been savaged by Republicans and even some Democrats. Critics argue it’s “a skeleton defense budget,” that will “dramatically reduce the size of the Army to pre-World War II levels,” and all of this “will embolden America’s foes to take aggressive acts.”

All of these critiques have one thing in common: they’re not true.

Here’s why:

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How the Government Pays Defense Contractors Tens of Billions for Nothing →

Money for Nothing: Defense Contractor Edition

Pentagon Looking to Cut F-35 Buy →