Congress Took More Free Trips in 2013 Than in Any Year Since the Abramoff Reforms →

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The Jet That Ate the Pentagon

The U.S. is going to spend $1.5 trillion on the F-35, and it still isn’t meeting its goals. Watch the video and find out how this happened. Learn more.


Via Bloomberg: “Washington’s well-oiled revolving door is spinning at breakneck speed—23 lawmakers who were in Congress last year have begun new careers in the influence industry.”

“Members hustled back to the capital all right, not to get much accomplished for the good of the nation but to party down at events designed to scrape every last nickel of campaign contributions from the jam pots of cash held by K Street lobbyists and special interests.”

from Truthout. And for those of you keeping track, according to Truthout, there are nearly 300 fundraising events in Washington for Democrats and Republicans before the end of the month. And those are only the ones on the official lists.

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