Head of SEC Given Waiver to Oversee Past Client →

JPMorgan Agreed to Pay $20 Billion in Penalties Last Year →

In the fourth quarter alone, JPMorgan felt the effect of a $2 billion penalty for failing to alert authorities to Bernard L. Madoff’s huge Ponzi scheme, a $4.5 billion settlement with a group of investors over mortgage claims and a $13 billion agreement with the government over the bank’s sale of shaky mortgage securities in the years leading to the financial crisis.”

Books That Matter

See what books the Project On Government Oversight is reading to learn more about nuclear weapon mishaps, government surveillance, militarized cops, wounded soldiers, Wall Street crashes and more in our 2014 Winter Reading List.

Ex-Goldman Banker Found Liable in $1 Billion Fraud Case →

SEC: Back to the Basics? →

“With the announcement of these initiatives, it appears that the SEC is going back to basics to improve its enforcement statistics. In 2012, only 11 percent of the SEC’s enforcement actions were focused on accounting fraud and financial disclosures, a significant decrease from previous years….

Powerful Firm Becomes Second Home for Financial Regulators →

Promontory Financial Group, a consulting firm, has become so powerful in the financial regulatory world that is advises both the government on how to write regulations and banks on how to comply with them. Part of their dominance is because nearly two-thirds of the company’s senior executives came from financial regulatory agencies. 

Former SEC Chief Finds Consulting Firm Through Revolving Door →

Mary Schapiro, the former head of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), is joining Promontory Financial Group LLC, a major private consulting firm stocked with former regulators, but she thinks she isn’t part of the revolving door.

Find out why.