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Army to Seek Northrop Refunds Over Inflated Labor Rates →

It’s good that the government is going to get the money back, but is that punishment enough for the fraudulent billing?

Northrop Found to Overcharge U.S. on Counter-Drug Work →

Doing well by doing good: The cost of nation-building →

Government Contractor Database Finally Gets a Hill Hearing →

POGO and our general counsel will be live tweeting the hearing tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. Watch for yourself here and follow @POGOblog and @SAmeyJD on Twitter for our thoughts. 

Bill would prevent contractors from doing quality reviews →

Not only was a federal background-check contractor allegedly submitting hundreds of thousands of incomplete background checks, but they were also the company hired to ensure the quality of their own background checks.

Fed Business Still Good for USIS, Despite Legal Woes →

Another too big to fire federal contractor.

US Sues KBR in Connection With Army Work in Iraq →

Not Getting Their Money's Worth →

The New York Times’ editorial board cited POGO’s report on the cost of hiring private contractors in their recent piece on the “bloated federal-contractor sector in which the public good is often subservient to profit.”

When Government Contractors Battle Over the Meaning of Small Business →