Does the Air Force’s decision make sense to you? Tell the Air Force to Re-Think Its Decision to Station the F-35A in Vermont.

F’d: How the U.S. and Its Allies Got Stuck with the World’s Worst New Warplane →

Lockheed VP says the F-35 stealth jet will get more stealthy with age, even though no other stealth plane has done that. Ever. →

This is coming from the company that makes the F-35, which is the most expensive weapon program of all time. Apparently the F-35’s stealth coating will “smooth out” over time, though every other stealth plane has required extensive maintenance just to maintain their stealth coatings. Read more about this dubious claim at Battleland.

Canada is on the hook for $25 billion worth of F-35 fighter jets, and they aren’t happy. POGO’s Winslow Wheeler headed north of the border to tell the CBC their shiny new jets also come with a lot of problems.

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Can you see why this chart is the model for how NOT to buy weapons? This shows how the Pentagon buys weapons using a process called concurrency, which is where the weapons are built while they are still being designed and tested. As you can guess, this leads to cost overruns and long delays. Mark Thompson of Battleland goes into why concurrency is such a bad idea.

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