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Nuclear Waste Solution Seen in Desert Salt Beds →

DOE Contracting Mismanagement Cost Taxpayers Over $450,000 →

And as it so happens, that contractor was founded by a former Congresswoman who supported the nuclear labs while in office.

“With scarce funds in hand, the DOE decided to fund a related project, a multibillion-dollar Uranium Processing Facility in Tennessee. But oops! Officials recently had to acknowledge they have to redesign the building because it wouldn’t be big enough to hold the equipment that was supposed to go inside it.”

From a great editorial in the Albuquerque Journal detailing a long list of waste and inefficiencies in the management of U.S. nuclear weapons complexes. Make sure to go read the full editorial to get an idea of just how many problems there are.

Do you like buying things you don’t need?

Well the Department of Energy is trying to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on a nuclear facility the U.S. doesn’t need. Learn why this project isn’t worth the money with POGO’s latest infographic. If you are as upset as we are, get involved by telling President Obama to cancel the funding for this project.