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“The F-35 “will be too small to serve as an effective bomber, not maneuverable enough for aerial dogfights and too fast and vulnerable to do well at supporting troops on the ground.””

William Hartung of the Center for International Policy in a new editorial from the New York Times about the problems plaguing the F-35.

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Pierre Sprey, designer of F-16, F-15, and A-10 talks about the failure of the F-35

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Tell Congress to Save $7 Billion by Retiring the USS George Washington →

Here’s a pop quiz: How many aircraft carriers does the U.S. Navy need to maintain military superiority? Before you answer that question, consider that no other country in the world, including China and Russia, has more than two carriers.

Would five aircraft carriers be enough? How about seven or eight?

The fact is, the U.S. has ten nuclear powered carriers in its fleet, with another scheduled to become operational in a mere two years. However, carriers are incredibly expensive to maintain and top military strategists have raised serious doubts about their vulnerabilities in modern warfare. So, considering all those factors, does it make sense for the Navy to spend $4.7 billion next year to refuel the USS George Washington?

Thoughtful naval experts think the Pentagon could easily trim its budget by reducing its carrier fleet, while still maintaining a Navy second to none. We agree.

Tell Congress to Save $7 Billion by Retiring the USS George Washington