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Aug 14

“Stay in Your F--ing Lane” -

Aug 13

DoD Watchdog Finds Former DARPA Director Violated Ethics Rules -

Aug 12

U.S. Army Paid Too Much Upgrading Russian Copters: Audit -

Aug 06

The Pentagon Overpays for Almost Everything—Even Prescription Drugs -

Dozens of inspectors general say federal agencies hindering oversight -

Jul 28


“The next time a leak occurs, the national security state’s defenders should blame themselves for failing to bring about a system that can adequately police itself. If their historical and recent track record weren’t so dismal they’d have more legitimacy.” —

Why Intelligence Whistleblowers Can’t Use Internal Channels

“The F-35 “will be too small to serve as an effective bomber, not maneuverable enough for aerial dogfights and too fast and vulnerable to do well at supporting troops on the ground.”” —

William Hartung of the Center for International Policy in a new editorial from the New York Times about the problems plaguing the F-35.

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See our report on fear and retaliation at the VA

See our report on fear and retaliation at the VA

Jul 25

“Magic Helmet” for F-35 ready for delivery -